Crafty Commissions

Ever had an idea of a painting but weren’t able to create it yourself? Have a project to do but no time? The Crafty Coyote is here to help! We specialize in all forms of drawing, painting and digital artwork, and negotiate low rates to keep your wallet happy.

How does the Process Work?
Pricing varies first and foremost on your project. While we have several basic packages available at flat rates (cover art, pet portraits, and web design), we also negotiate contracts for larger and more complicated projects upon request.

The first phase of commission is simply verbal communication: you tell me what you’re looking for, and I give you an idea of what it would cost. Second, everything goes into writing. We negotiate and agree upon size of piece, time expected for completion, cost , ect, and then go into the legal stuff.

Each project is contract based, with agreed upon subject, composition and cost, signed by both parties. With the exception of flat rate projects, half of agreed payment must be paid up front before work can begin, and the second half will be paid after work completion. Additional fees or discounts can be applied in the event of contract alterations, so both parties are protected against delays and unexpected changes.

To purchase flat rate commissions, visit our StorEnvy store, or e-mail me directly.