About Me

My name is Lorraine, (most people call me Mati these days) and I'm a graphic designer and author. The Crafty Coyote is a business I started in 2010, and it has grown ever since. Because art and writing are both dear to me, neither takes the forefront in my career. I spend much of my time doing trade shows, where I can continue embracing both my talents.

In 2013, I became the Art Director for Fantastic Journeys Publishing, and I now work closely with artist and authors to create professional looking novels. My own novel, Archipelago, was released in February under the name Mati Raine, and I am currently working on the sequel. (To find out more about this book, click on the link in the right hand corner.) I also became a professional book reviewer this summer, and offer reviews and beta reads through my blog, Steampunk Sparrow's Book Blog. It has been great meeting and helping other authors alongside my other projects.

To see where I will be next, visit the events section of my site. Also, check out my facebook page for more recent updates and previews of what I'm working on next!